From the Northern Lights to ancient sites, here are 10 ideas for winter destinations in Europe

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Winter takes many forms, so there are numerous winter destinations in Europe to choose from. There's a lot of snow and no sun in the polar north. There will be plenty of sunshine around the mild Mediterranean until the season begins. And in the heart of Europe, there's cozy cafe culture and Christmas-themed halls.

Seven travel predictions from for the creative reimagining of travel in 2023

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Things to do on the Amalfi Coast that are recommended

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There are numerous things to do in while traveling the Amalfi Coast from north to south. On Italy's southwest coast, in the Campania area, is the legendary Amalfi Coast. The coast, a Unesco World Heritage site, is noteworthy not just for its clear sea and culinary delights but also for its abundance of history, art, craft, customs, and unmatched natural beauty.