360 degrees underwater

Join us on a journey throught the Coral triangle and its magnificent coral reefs. This underwater gardens have the largest biodiversity of Life on Earth and can only be compared to tropical rainforests... https://youtu.be/2TPG8lcfeDc

Immersive experience in Maldives!

For today we propose a few minutes of relaxation in the Maldives, using this 360 degree virtual tour at Club Med Kani. Simply slide the screen in the desired direction! Enjoy! Pentru astazi va propunem cateva minute de relaxare in Maldive, cu ajutorul acetui tur virtual 360 de grade la Club Med Kani. Trebuie doar … Continue reading Immersive experience in Maldives!

Let’s try to laugh again!

·         Versiunea in limba romana mai jos I can't decide if the next city break will be done in the living room or bedroom ... A 101-year-old Italian man was cured of coronavirus! The whole family waited for him to leave the hospital: his parents, grandparents and an aunt! In case of sickness with covid 19, … Continue reading Let’s try to laugh again!

No plane in the sky!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos Last night I went out the window and looked at the sky. I saw the moon and the stars ... and I was sad because I realized something was missing: the planes! I didn't see any planes. Where are all those airplanes whose signal lights caught my eye … Continue reading No plane in the sky!

What should travel agencies do?!

*English version below Ce ar trebui sa faca companiile de turism?! Am tot vazut zilele astea, in contextul raspandirii globale a noului coronavirus, un mesaj propagat in social media care ne indeamna sa nu anulam rezervarile ci sa le reprogramam astfel incat sa salvam turismul! La prima vedere este un mesaj nobil, constructiv si mobilizator. … Continue reading What should travel agencies do?!

Traveling … without leaving the house!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos!Is it possible? Probably not, it is the answer that comes instinctively. But...The idea of this article came to me while I was sitting at home thinking how all this craziness with the coronavirus stopped the trips. I'm not saying it's not a rational, welcome reaction, just that the … Continue reading Traveling … without leaving the house!

My first joint … and most likely the last!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos Amsterdam is a city that offers you many opportunities to try new experiences. And when I say experiences, I have a clear sense of the word!Here you can make a simple visit or more than that in the Red Light District, you can legally smoke cannabis in coffee … Continue reading My first joint … and most likely the last!

What I didn’t like in Bali!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos Bali, Island of the Gods ...Trying to describe the beauty of the place with a few more or less successful photos is easy. However, it is complicated to describe the lust for life, the positive, delightful energy of the people here, energy from which, without wanting to, take … Continue reading What I didn’t like in Bali!

No tipping in Japan!

*versiunea in romana mai jos Japan has a culture so different from the rest of the world that it remains a mystery to many Westerners. Even the Tokyo Drift movie from the Fast and Furious series was a little special compared to the rest. It shock you from the airport from the first tangent you … Continue reading No tipping in Japan!