Onjuku Beach, Japan – our first meeting with the Pacific Ocean

Onjuku beach is located on the east coast of southern Chiba Prefecture in approximately the center of the outer coast of the Bōsō Peninsula.

NESSEBAR – Bohemian Old Town from the shores of the Black Sea

https://youtu.be/Qof-xKJ1pEA Last week we returned from our first pandemic-era journey, if I may say so. The three of us (me, my wife, and the child) were at sea in Bulgaria in Sunny Beach. But it's not about Sunny Beach, it's about the old town of Nessebar. If you arrive in the area, you must spend … Continue reading NESSEBAR – Bohemian Old Town from the shores of the Black Sea

“Handmade” tour in Bali… between Ubud and Sanur

Renting a car with a driver is one of the easiest things you can do in Bali and, given how chaotic the traffic is in some areas, it is even a recommended decision to explore the island. What you don't have to do is not make the reservation online but negotiate the price with the … Continue reading “Handmade” tour in Bali… between Ubud and Sanur

How to Write a Blog Post Like a Professional

You sit down. You stare at your screen. The cursor blinks. So do you. Anxiety sets in. Where do you begin when you want to create an article that will earn you clicks, comments, and social shares? This simple formula will show you how to write a blog post by guiding you from blank page … Continue reading How to Write a Blog Post Like a Professional

Sirnea: Accidentally visiting the first tourist village in Romania … with no regrets!

After about 30 minutes of driving, my wife started reading to me and our child an article about a place called Sirnea village in the same Fundata - Moeciu area, an article that convinced us to change our destination.

Sightseeing with Tram 2 in Amsterdam

Later, after we returned home, we found out that Tram line 2 has been doing its permanent circuit in Amsterdam for more than 110 years. Thousands of people step onto this tram every day to get to work, school, to friends or family. But what they often don’t know is that this is one of the most beautiful rides in the world! Not for nothing has National Geographic designated this tram ride as one of the best tram rides in the world!


I grew up in a small town, in Romania, with beautiful mountains surrounding me. The nature is very deep in my soul and my mind. Now, I m living in a busy city, and always thinking about the weekend to see some piece of nature, no matter where this piece is.In all my travels, I … Continue reading NATURE. NO FILTERS.

Festivalul Lavandei: Mov. Miros de liniste si echilibru

Festivalul Lavandei din comuna Baraganul, judetul Braila. Locul era plin de lume venita probabil cu aceleasi fantasme si dor de natura si simplitate ca si mine, iar visele au devenit realitate: fluturi multicolori, albine polenizand, cosuri cu buchetele de lavanda, produse cosmetice hand made, delicioasa limonada rece cu sirop de lavanda, oameni fericiti!

Once upon a time in Seychelles!

Seychelles is our first exotic destination that, however, we visited many years ago (more precisely in 2008). So in this article, we will talk more about the feelings and emotions we felt and which are still alive in our souls and less about "technical" or organizational details. I will tell you about the experiences that … Continue reading Once upon a time in Seychelles!