The first space hotel and park with gravity is offered by Orbital Assembly

space hotel pioneer

At the Space and Underwater Tourism Universal Summit on September 28 at Les Roches in Marbella, Spain, Orbital Assembly (OA), the company behind the world's first space hotel and business park, will give an update on its Pioneer-class space station.

A practical method of turning water into fuel is developed by researchers

clean clear cold drink

Water may now be converted into fuel in an efficient manner thanks to research from the University of Oulu's Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit (NANOMO). They can use hydrogen as a source of energy thanks to the new nickel-based catalyst, which splits water into oxygen and hydrogen using sunlight.

50 years later, NASA is sending the most powerful rocket, Artemis I, back to the moon

back to the moon rocket Artemis I.

Nearly 50 years after the final Apollo mission visited the lunar surface, NASA has launched a program that aims to put people back to the moon on the surface of Mars and other uncharted lunar regions: It all starts with rocket Artemis I.

Aquatic life is being “revolutionized” by a fleet of floating, futuristic homes

kayak seapods

Consider a world in which people live in modern luxury homes floating nearly seven and a half feet above the sea. This year, fleets of "revolutionary living pods" with cutting-edge technology and drones to deliver essentials will hit the market.

20 Boom Overture supersonic aircraft have been ordered by American Airlines

overture reveal engines

American Airlines has ordered 20 Boom Overture supersonic aircraft, with an option for 40 more. At a top speed of Mach 1.7, Overture is expected to carry up to 80 passengers in an all-business class cabin. The company, which already has a prototype, recently redesigned the jet to improve efficiency and reduce noise.

Toronto’s new waterfront wants to eliminate the smart city forever

Toronto's new waterfront

The city of Toronto announced plans for a new waterfront development in February. They read like a wish list for any urbanist: 800 affordable apartments, a two-acre forest, a rooftop farm, a new arts venue focused on indigenous culture, and a zero-carbon pledge.

The legendary Orient Express is getting a makeover

The legendary Orient Express set for revamp

The mythology of the Orient Express luxury trains, which revolutionized rail travel about 140 years ago, is still going strong. The renowned train from Orient Express, a pioneer in travel since 1883, is coming back, along with a brand-new format.