The largest luxury sailing ship in the world will set sail in 2026

largest luxury sailing ship

Orient Express, a pioneer of luxury train travel since the nineteenth century, has unveiled the world's largest sailing ship, the Orient Express Silenseas. According to the company, this revolution in maritime history is an ambitious undertaking that pushes the boundaries of what is possible

What Could Paris Look Like in 2050?

Architect Vincent Callebaut Shows Us What Paris Might Look Like in 2050. The project aims to combat global warming by creating innovative buildings that densify and remediate the urban environment, resulting in a more sustainable and connected city.

Now, it’s possible to own a vacation home and live on a cruise ship that travels the globe

live on a Cruise Ship

When Storylines' first residential cruise ship debuts in 2024, it will include 547 fully furnished residences for sale to globetrotters who want to live on a cruise ship, work, and play while traveling the world.

Is there a tunnel leading to Cleopatra’s long-lost tomb in Egypt?

egyptian symbols

According to reports, archeologists in Egypt recently discovered a vast underground tunnel near the city of Alexandria that may lead to the long-lost tomb of Egypt's last pharaoh and possibly its most famous ruler, Queen Cleopatra VII

The only places where you can’t buy Coca-Cola are in North Korea and Cuba

two person drinking coca cola next to a kiosk

It's reassuring to know that you can always get a Coca-Cola wherever you go. Almost anywhere, in fact. According to the BBC, despite the fact that this fizzy drink is available almost everywhere, it has yet to (officially) make its way to North Korea or Cuba. This is due to long-term trade embargoes imposed by the United States.