CitizenM plans to construct a hotel in the Metaverse

CitizenM, like all of its hotels, will bring art to the forefront by showcasing and selling future NFT collections commissioned with emerging talent in the digital art space. After purchasing the LAND, citizenM intends to fund the construction of a virtual hotel through the sale of an exclusive collection of NFTs with real-world rewards (utilities) attached.

Solar-powered Falcon aircraft capable of zero-emission solar flying

Due to its vast wing area, László Németh, a designer at Lasky Design, has developed a solar-powered aircraft concept capable of solar flight with zero emissions. Falcon Solar is a concept design that deviates from traditional aircraft design by utilizing the advantages of flying wings.

NASA’s X-59 supersonic aircraft will soon be tested over a number of U.S. cities

The experimental aircraft, NASA's X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology, or QueSST, is bringing the agency one step closer to making quiet commercial supersonic travel over land a reality. The space agency is working on new designs and technologies to reduce the noise produced by supersonic booms, allowing supersonic aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound while flying over populated areas

The fully-automated wingsail on the ZEN50 solar-electric catamaran

ZEN Yachts – short for "Zero Emission Nautic Ltd." – is one of the companies that has benefited the most from electrification. The ZEN50, the world's first series-production catamaran with a fully-automated wingsail, has now been unveiled by the fledgling electric boat manufacturer. This zero-emission sailing yacht is currently under construction in Europe and will set sail in early 2023 once completed.

The Tallest, Fastest, and Longest Dive Coaster in California has been unveiled in a video preview by SeaWorld San Diego

The Emperor, dubbed California's tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster, will debut on March 12 at SeaWorld San Diego. To mark the occasion, SeaWorld has released a special 4K ultra-high-definition video preview of the new ride.

Electreon will roll out its first wireless EV charging road system in the United States

lectReon, an Israeli company that specializes in inductive charging of electric vehicles, has announced that it will build the country's first public wireless EV charging road system near Detroit's Michigan Central Terminal, which will charge electric vehicles as they travel on it