The humidity in the air is used to power the self-charging battery

The idea of harvesting green energy from everyday wetness to power wearables and portable electronics is gaining traction. Fabricating high-performing moisture-electric generators (MEG) with high and stable output remains a challenge.

Full-scale eVTOL prototype for personal flight unveiled by AIR

AIR ONE’s sleek and modern design truly makes it the sportscar of the sky.

At the Kentucky Derby, Israeli startup AIR unveiled the full-scale prototype of its first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, AIR ONE. The AIR ONE, which we discussed in October of last year, is a two-person electric fixed-wing aircraft powered by eight vertical lift rotors. Its eight electric motors can produce a maximum of 771 horsepower (575 kW).

Stratolaunch completes the world’s largest aircraft’s fifth flight test

Stratolaunch completes fifth flight test of the world’s largest aircraft

The world's largest flying aircraft, Roc, has completed its fifth flight test, according to Stratolaunch. The aircraft flew for 4 hours and 58 minutes over the Mojave Desert, reaching an altitude of 22,500 feet during the test flight (6858 meters). This flight was the longest of all, allowing the platform to expand its capabilities for launching aircraft from the air

By tasting its food, the robot chef improves his cooking skills

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have trained a robot chef to taste the food at various stages of the chewing process to determine whether it is sufficiently seasoned – a process that is similar to what humans do. The goal is to have a machine that not only prepares pizza or burgers, but also produces the best meal possible based on human taster feedback.

To repair power lines, a Japanese rail company has built a massive Gundam-style robot

To repair power lines, a Japanese rail company has built a massive Gundam-style robot

The West Japan Railway Company, also known as JR-West, is taking service robotics to new heights with a massive humanoid maintenance robot. The company is using Gundam-style robots for power line repairs and maintenance, or, as JR West puts it, "to improve productivity and safety."

Jaguar Land Rover and NVIDIA have announced a partnership to develop the car of the future

Jaguar Land Rover and NVIDIA have announced a partnership to develop the car of the future

All new Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be built on the NVIDIA DRIVE™ software-defined platform beginning in 2025, delivering a wide range of active safety, automated driving and parking systems, and driver assistance systems. The system will provide AI features such as driver and occupant monitoring, as well as advanced visualisation of the vehicle's environment, inside the vehicle.

In a remote Alaskan village, a solar-plus-storage microgrid is replacing diesel

Blue Planet Energy has successfully implemented this first-of-its-kind project to assist the residents of Shungnak, a remote Alaskan community above the Arctic Circle. The microgrid was designed to address the numerous challenges of operating in extreme conditions, as well as to wean the community off its expensive and polluting diesel generator power plant.

South Korea is planning to construct a new ‘floating airport’ near Busan

South Korea is planning to construct a new 'floating airport' near Busan

The land ministry in South Korea announced Tuesday that the country's first floating airport will be built in the southern port city of Busan by 2035. The new facility would be an offshore airport built on a floating structure at sea.

The wind-tunnel testing of Airbus’ nature-inspired wing demonstrator is complete

Airbus has completed wind tunnel testing of its eXtra Performance Wing demonstrator as part of its ongoing efforts to rapidly test and accelerate advanced innovative technologies that will decarbonize the aviation industry. The demonstrator model was put through its paces at the Filton wind tunnel near Bristol, England.

CitizenM plans to construct a hotel in the Metaverse

CitizenM, like all of its hotels, will bring art to the forefront by showcasing and selling future NFT collections commissioned with emerging talent in the digital art space. After purchasing the LAND, citizenM intends to fund the construction of a virtual hotel through the sale of an exclusive collection of NFTs with real-world rewards (utilities) attached.