When’s the best time to visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early April. Not only is it the driest part of the year in the Land of Smiles, but it’s also the warmest – temperatures hover between 32 and 36 degrees, with up to nine hours of sunshine a day.

Best Time to Visit the Philippines

Long days relaxing on the beach, on the best time to visit the Philippines, taking a boat out to sea and swimming with whales and enjoying exotic food at quaint little restaurants, this is all that you can expect and more from a visit to the Philippines!


When it comes to weather, to choose the best time to visit the Caribbean, find out that this area is renowned for having arguably the most desirable climate on the planet, with temperatures a gorgeous 24-29 ° C year round.

Best Time to Visit Seychelles

The best time to visit Seychelles are April, May, October and November. These months represent the transition times between the hot and humid northwest trade winds (from November through March) and the cooler southeast trade winds that define April through October

When is the best time to visit Zanzibar

Thanks to its location to the south of the equator, it is hard to decide when is the best time to visit Zanzibar because has a tropical climate allowing you to plan your seaside vacation in this part of Eastern Africa at any time of the year without any extreme variability in temperatures when compared to Southern Africa.

Best time to visit Mallorca

Most holidaymakers choose the summer months for a beach holiday in Mallorca- and it is important to know when it is best time to visit Mallorca. However mild winters with pleasant temperatures make the island a year round destination.

When is the best time to visit Bali?

Bali is located about 8 degrees south of the equator so it's hard to tell when it is best time to visit Bali . Therefore you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round - with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include several peaks, … Continue reading When is the best time to visit Bali?