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Is it true that flights are cheaper on Friday the 13th?

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If you have the courage, traveling on Friday the 13th can be the finest option. If you don't believe in ill luck, there are deals to be had on this day, according to the travel search engine Kayak. On Friday, January 13, it discovered that flights inside the UK were about 19% cheaper and that … Continue reading Is it true that flights are cheaper on Friday the 13th?

The first-ever PETA Animal-Friendly African Safari Awards were given to five companies

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PETA is announcing the recipients of its inaugural Animal-Friendly African Safari Award, which recognizes safari companies that offer wildlife viewing on protected reserves or in national parks and, among other things, maintain a respectful distance from wild animals and guide small groups at specific times of the day to minimize stress to the animals.

When is the best time to visit Buenos Aires for tango, Carnaval, and other festivities?

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When is the best time of year to visit Buenos Aires? That depends on whether you prefer the sticky summer heat, the cooler winter temperatures, or the pleasant transitional days of fall and spring. (Keep in mind that Argentina's summer corresponds to the northern hemisphere's winter.)

The Elephanta Festival in Mumbai celebrates the heritage of art, culture, and sculpture

The Elephanta Festival is an excellent opportunity to visit the Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elephanta Island is about an hour's drive from Mumbai and is considered one of the best venues in India.