With the new Triton 660 AVA submarine, you may have some truly unique underwater experiences

Triton Submarines, based in Florida, has introduced the Triton 660 AVA series, which provides passengers with a stunning, unrestricted view of the underwater environment.
The TRITON 660 AVA series is the world’s first submersible with a free-form acrylic pressure hull, thanks to the company’s groundbreaking Advanced Versatile Acrylics.


There are two variants in the 660 AVA series: the 660/9 AVA and its smaller sister, the 660/7 AVA. The names reveal its principal characteristics: it is a submarine that can dive to a depth of 660 feet (201 meters). The 660/9 AVA can accommodate eight passengers plus a pilot, while the 660/7 can accommodate six passengers plus a pilot.

With the new Triton 660 AVA submarine, you may have some truly unique underwater experiences
Credit: Triton Submarines

The submarine’s 57 kWh battery can convey passengers to depths of 660 feet for up to 12 hours each charge. Its top speed is 3 knots, thanks to four primary electric thrusters and four maneuvering thrusters, each with a peak output of 5.5 kW. (3.5 mph). It has a length of 9.02 feet (2.75 meters), a width of 14.8 feet (4.5 meters), and a height of 7.55 feet (2.3 meters). It has a viewing volume nearly three times that of comparable sized, spherical-hulled submersibles, yet having a footprint similar to that of two stored jet skis.


The pilot is seated in the center of both Tritons, with complete view. Both have cockpits that resemble little home theaters rather than traditional submersibles. Furthermore, the cabin’s changeable seating may be configured according to the owner’s preferences, allowing for a variety of arrangements ranging from group cocktails to intimate dining for two. Underwater weddings, a high-rollers’ club, a subsea dining location, or even a cocktail bar may all be held on the larger submarine.

With the new Triton 660 AVA submarine, you may have some truly unique underwater experiences
Credit: Triton Submarines

In addition, rather than needing to crawl through a tight hole to get to a seat, it has easy access to the inside. There is air conditioning and heating in the cabin, as well as plenty of legroom, a professional music system, and color lights that can be adjusted. A genuinely stunning viewing experience should be provided by powerful outside lights and 360-degree visibility.

This type provides greatest freedom for owners and passengers to adapt and enhance their diving experience. Pricing and delivery information have not been made public.

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