International tourism destinations are being urged to update safety measures and travel restrictions as a result of the Omicron Variant.

The travel industry is being influenced by a new variant. Europe's most popular tourist destinations have reported finding new COVID-19 cases with the Omicron variant.

Tourism is still banned in the fifth of the destinations

One in every five destinations' borders remain completely closed as new Covid-19 outbreaks wreak havoc on the resumption of international tourism. According to the most recent research, 98% of all destinations still have some kind of travel restriction in place.

Cyber Monday 2021, Black Friday flight deals in 2021 – tips from Skyscanner

Ahead of Thanksgiving – followed immediately by the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales periods – the wide range of travel deals from this period can be overwhelming. Skyscanner helps us navigate them by revealing the best tips and hacks to find incredible flight deals. Below, you can read how to use Skyscanner to find low-cost flights to incredible destinations in the US and around the w

Visit Jamaica: tourist attractions, weather, island culture

Jamaica offers a magnificent palette of tourist attractions, a lot of colors and sounds that make our island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean, from each morning's glorious sunrise until the sea swallows the sun at night. It is a land with a distinct culture, breathtaking scenery, and a friendly population.

Saudi Arabia unveiled a crazy plan to build a floating, eight-sided city

Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of Oxagon, an eight-sided floating city in the Red Sea. According to a press release, Oxagon will be located on the outskirts of Neom, a newly created region in the kingdom's northwest that will be 33 times the size of New York City.

When flight tickets are cheapest?

So, When flight tickets are cheapest? CheapAir analyzed 917 million fares to determine the best time to fly. According to the study, plane ticket costs remained relatively constant between 320 and 106 days before departure. Around 105 days before flight, those costs started to fall.

Qatar Airways has announced World Cup 2022 package deals

With just over a year until the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Qatar Airways Holidays has launched a number of fan travel packages. The packages include match tickets, return flights, and lodging options. The England team qualified for the finals this week, and fans can now reserve their match tickets to support … Continue reading Qatar Airways has announced World Cup 2022 package deals

Bran Castle, the home of Count Dracula

Dracula, a Transylvanian Count with a castle placed on a rock high above a valley with a rushing river below in the Principality of Transylvania, is a character created by Bram Stoker. Bran Castle is recognized around the world as Dracula's Castle because it is the only castle in all of Transylvania that matches Bram Stoker's description of Dracula's Castle