The world’s most beautiful village, according to social media wanted to find World’s most popular villages on social media, based on how many times they were featured on Instagram and Pinterest. As a result, was able to rank the top ten most popular beautiful villages in world.

Among the most important findings are:

Oia is the most beautiful village in the world, with over 1.6 million Instagram and Pinterest posts.
With over 150,000 combined posts, Folegandros is Europe’s seventh most beautiful village.
On Pinterest and Instagram, Oia is 90 percent more popular than Folegrandros.

Oia, Greece, Photo by Pixabay on

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The most beautiful villages in the world

RankVillageCountryTotal number of Instagram postsTotal number of Pinterest pinsCombined total social media appearances
2Ha Long BayVietnam1,167,8581601,168,018
5Mission BeachAustralia608,70393608,796
6WanakaNew Zealand565,973741566,714
9TobermoryIsle of Mull (Scotland)241,926284242,210
10FurnasThe Azores (Portugal)227,533175227,708
Göreme, Turkey Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on

So you’ve packed your bags and are ready to jet off to some of the world’s most beautiful cities. But where do you go from there?

Europe appears to be the most popular destination, with six of the top ten locations located on the continent. The stunning village of Oia in Greece tops the list with over 1.6 million social media appearances, the vast majority of which are from Instagram posts.


With slightly more than 1.1 million social media appearances each, Halong Bay in Vietnam and Göreme in Turkey tie for second and third place. With a slight decrease to just under 800,000 for Hallstatt, Austria, we move to fourth place on the list.

The most beautiful villages in Europe

VillageCountryContinentPopulationTotal number of Instagram postsTotal number of Pinterest pinsCombined total social media appearances
GöremeTurkeyAsia / Europe2,0001,129,0212791,129,300
TobermoryIsle of Mull (Scotland)Europe1,000241,926284242,210
FurnasThe Azores (Portugal)Europe1,435227,533175227,708
PortreeIsle of Skye (Scotland)Europe2,480119,750125119,875

Depending on the type of experience you seek as a tourist, Europe has a plethora of places to offer. It is perhaps unsurprising that so many villages are located in warmer climates and along coastlines, as this is a major draw factor for tourists all over the world.

As previously stated, Oia in Greece leads the pack, with more social media appearances than the bottom seven villages combined. With stunning views across the south Aegean Sea and a rich architectural and religious history, it is easy to see why it is at the top of the list.

Hallstatt, Austria, Photo by Rahat Ali on

Similarly, Göreme, ranked second on the list, will provide a one-of-a-kind tourist experience. This magnificent village, located within Turkey’s “fairy chimney” rock formations, offers hot air balloon rides as well as the opportunity to visit local, artisan markets and impressive churches.

However, it is very much dependent on the type of vacation you are looking for.


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