Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa was crowned “Best Luxury Hideaway Resort” in the Maldives by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Located in one of the largest natural islands around, Hideaway has been titled ‘Best Luxury Hideaway Resort’ in the Maldives. The very apt recognition has been awarded by acclaimed awarding body Luxury Lifestyle Awards, whose goal is to promote and celebrate the best luxury goods and services all around the world.


Luxurious Space & Privacy
As the award implies, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa will always live up to its name because space and privacy are built into the very essence of this natural paradise. Pristine, untouched, and picturesque, this five-star resort is a scenic 50-minute domestic flight from Velana International Airport, followed by a 15-minute speedboat ride. This distance is the key to a natural solitude. Only 10% of the island is occupied by land & over-water villas and outlets, while the rest remains untouched, enveloped by the tropical ecosystem. Social distancing is not a novel concept but rather comes inherently with a 3.5 km long beach and spacious accommodation options. With some of the largest beachfront villas in the country and assured privacy from other guests, Hideaway offers absolute escapism to those who seek it as they enjoy their own piece of heaven on Earth.

The space provided by this jungle-like garden resort comes paired with a wide selection of room options. 101 villas are spread over land and water offering a choice of 9 different categories for guests who are spoiled for choice when deciding on their unique trademark Maldives experience.


Luxurious Safety & Wellness
Ensuring and elevating the health and wellbeing of guests during arrival, stay, and departure is another point of excellence that makes Hideaway stand out among the pack. Hideaway strives to create an environment where one can relax and enjoy their time in luxury and privacy– the perfect hideaway from all the worries of the outside world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the unique challenges it poses, the resort has remained vigilant and implemented procedures so that guests can safely sit back, relax, and enjoy their well-deserved retreat, free of any stress. Staff are trained on disinfection techniques and best practices, and the island itself with all its glorious space helps naturally promote social distancing. Each guest receives more than enough of the island to get safely lost and find themselves before leaving their personal getaway.

Luxurious Service
The resort’s uncompromising attentiveness to its guests, coupled with a range of leisure activities, makes it the ultimate experience for a tranquil honeymoon, family getaway, or vacation with friends.


From the front office to the kitchen, and from the water sports to the spa, staff at Hideaway are always on top of guests needs. Whether arranging special requests, customizing excursions, or organizing events, the Hideaway team works hard to exceed expectations. As an extra add-on or as part of the all-inclusive White Platinum Plan, guests will be treated to their very own personal butler, always at their disposal. Butlers know the resort like the back of their hand and will advise on how to get the maximum value out of any vacation.

The impeccable natural beauty and size of the island paired with exquisite service culture of the resort were key contributors to this achievement. ‘This perfectly splendid award recognizes Hideaway’s unique offering as a luxury resort together in tandem with the unique experience of the humongous island itself that sets it apart from other novel hospitality experiences across the world. We are delighted that they have distinguished Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and the hard work done by the resort team even in the toughest of periods that the industry is going through, ’says Christophe Adam, Resident Manager.

Luxurious Hideaway
Experience the quintessential Maldivian big island adventure and rest, relax, and rejuvenate in the tropical Maldives with Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa as your getaway to bliss. Take it easy just for a bit while in the paradisical island that is Hideaway and take time to heal your body and mind at the Hideaway Spa while having the space physically and mentally to get into a better headspace. After the last year, and even just the complexities of everyday life, such an escape is surely warranted. There is something for everyone, with multiple dining options and meal plans. Come and experience a luxurious island hideaway escape that we know you need and want.

For Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa you can check prices and availability here!

Source: traveldailynews.com

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