For a walk through Singapore

Last summer it was finally time to visit Bali. And, as we do most of the time when we go to far away destinations, we looked for the plane tickets so that we could explore another place in the area. How do you make it the easiest to add a stopover to your trip, which basically helps you add another destination at a very low cost? Take a look here!

And the result was Singapore! Two nights on departure and two more on return.

In the first phase I was a little reluctant because I had already seen Tokyo. But…

The first contact you make with the destination where you are going to, is, of course, the airport. In this case Changi! It’s fascinating! But I will not insist on his description because many other people have already done it. However, I will mention here about the excellent organization and the latest technology used: fingerprinting tourists arriving in Singapore, automatic check-in processes for both tourists and luggage, automatic document control by passport scanning and photography. When we left for Bali, until boarding, we did not need to interact with any officials.

And here we are in Singapore!

New Real Food Adventures

With the first step taken in the city, two things strike you: high humidity in the air and cultural and religious diversity. Today, Singapore’s resident ethnic makeup predominantly comprises the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Euroasian and local born. Here you see Buddhists, Islamists, Christians, Taoists, Hindus or atheists everywhere… this while walking through China Town, Little India, Arab Street or on Orchard Road. By the way, the Singapore government recognises four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

And if we were talking about Orchard Road… With a length of almost 2.2 km, it is a boulevard flanked by hotels and shopping centers. Here you can find shops and restaurants for everyone’s taste or budget, with its iconic malls, from opulent brands to street fashion, from exclusive restaurants to fast food. But here but here you will find delicious food everywhere.

New Real Food Adventures
With a strong background of cultural and ethnic diversity, Singapore architecture is a result of its varied influences. Contemporary Singapore architecture has a strong focus on sustainability, with many examples of vegetative landscapes being introduced into high-rise buildings. Green architecture and ventilation is particularly important for the architecture in Singapore due to its humid climate.

Legally speaking, in Singapore you are not allowed to introduce even a cigarette without paying customs duties. All cigarettes sold in this state have the inscription SDPC (singapore duty paid cigarette). Chewing gum is strictly forbidden in this state and shops are no longer allowed to sell alcoholic beverages after 22.00. It is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in public places only between 7.00 and 22.30

And once you arrive in Singapore, you don’t have to miss out on Sentosa Island, where it’s impossible for you to get bored. You can go to the beach while you have the opportunity to socialize with a monitor, you can see the southernmost point of Continental Asia.

Singapore is a captivating, vibrant city, full of life, with many attractions, but which just through them becomes, at some point, a bit tiring as if ..
So a few relaxing hours are welcome in a place like the botanical garden here!

More details about what and how you can find on the official website:

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